Azincourt 1415 : Henryk V i jego walka o koronę francuską

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  • 002 $a Azincourt 1415 : Henryk V i jego walka o koronę francuską
  • 003 $a Wojciech Iwańczak (Autor)
  • 004 $a Oryginalny artykuł naukowy
  • 006 $a Rocznik Oddziału Polskiego Towarzystwa Historycznego w Skarżysku-Kamiennej : Z dziejów regionu i miasta
  • 008 $a 2018
  • 011 $a 2084-3771
  • 014 $a
  • 015 $a 87-92
  • 016 $a 0.4
  • 017 $a polski
  • 020 $a Significant events which are far from sparking off any controversies or discussions have occurred throughout the centuries while others still stir emotions. The latter include major historic battles which are the reason for national pride, however, they symbolize failures and jeopardized chances for success. The battle of Agincourt, whose 600th anniversary was celebrated several years ago, belongs to the events sparking off heated debates. The battle between two major powers of the western world, France and England, may be considered from various points of view. The landslide victory of the English army and the defeat of the traditional fighting method of the French – that is the shortest account of what had happened at Agincourt
  • 966 $a nauki o kulturze i religii

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