Paradygmat obiektowy w oprogramowaniu astronomicznym

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  • 002 $a Paradygmat obiektowy w oprogramowaniu astronomicznym
  • 003 $a Robert Janusz (Autor)
  • 004 $a Oryginalny artykuł naukowy
  • 006 $a Semina Scientiarum
  • 008 $a 2018
  • 011 $a 1644-3365
  • 013 $a 10.15633/ss.3516
  • 014 $a
  • 015 $a 84-106
  • 017 $a polski
  • 020 $a To create an astronomical software, one should use the most effective method to produce the quickest hardware calculation. However, the not so effective object oriented paradigm seems to have bigger influence on the astronomical domain. We discuss the status quo of its methodology. The traditional, Turing computation model does not have so distinct influence on knowledge creation because it is hardware-oriented. An object oriented programming language is more influential on discovery, because it works directly in the scientific domain.

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