Współczesny prawodawca a problematyka suwerenności wewnętrznej

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  • 002 $a Współczesny prawodawca a problematyka suwerenności wewnętrznej
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  • 003 $a WOJCIECH ARNDT (Autor)
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  • 006 $a Zeszyty Prawnicze Biura Analiz Sejmowych
  • 008 $a 2017
  • 011 $a 1896-9852
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  • 015 $a 31-44
  • 016 $a 0.95
  • 017 $a polski
  • 020 $a Contemporary lawgiver and the issue of an internal sovereignty This article concentrates on one of two vital aspects of the category of internal sovereignty, namely on the Iawgiver. The issue is portrayed with reference to the Constitution of the Republic of Poland, in which the bearer of an internal sovereignty has been exposed. Contemporary, this subject should be considered in the context of the competence to regulate entire relations in the state. Moreover particularly significant is the fact that internal sovereignty is precised by the principles of human dignity and common good.
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